January 5, 2016

Las Cruces October Hail Damage Estimate $100M

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Las Cruces October hail damage is estimated at $100M. Due to winter weather conditions, Las Cruces are still struggling to repair damage to their homes after hailstorms pummeled the area in October. According to Bruce Buchman of Buchman Insurance, a member of the Farmers Insurance Agency in Las Cruces, his office alone received roughly 100 home claims. Of those, the roof repair claims were by far the most expensive, ranging from $30,000 down to $2,000 […]
October 22, 2015

Hail Damage Alert: Las Cruces

Rhino Roofing is helping thousands of residential and commercial property owners in Las Cruces, Deming and surrounding areas with residential and commercial storm damage repairs and assessments due to the severe October hail storms. Rhino Roofing specializes in hail damage repairs and property restoration. Our expert crews quickly assess, repair and rebuild your property to save you the hassle. We also work with your insurance company and help you through the storm restoration process. Rhino Roofing expert inspectors and crews […]
July 10, 2013

Hail Facts: New Mexico

According to the National Weather Service, the number of severe hail reports in New Mexico have greatly increased over the climatological 30-year period. Between 1955 and 1979, the average number of hail reports per year was 11, whereas, between 1980 and 2009, the average number of hail reports is 99. The jump in reports largely occurred after the WSR-88D was installed and forecasters could better narrow down an area to search for hail reports. For the 10-year period ending in […]
June 17, 2013

Rhino Roofing Sponsors Baby Rhino at ABQ BioPark Zoo!

At Rhino Roofing, we’re committed to the community. Rhino Roofing is proud to announce its newest family member: CHOPPER – THE WHITE RHINO CALF! When we found out about Chopper, the new baby Rhino at the ABQ BioPark Zoo, we had to sponsor this unique little creature. Chopper loves having his picture taken, so when you visit the ABQ BioPark Zoo make sure to take some photos! Rhino Roofing is a leading, locally owned roofing company that has been proudly […]