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Rhino Roofing is a leader in storm disaster response in New Mexico. Since 1995, we have helped thousands of property owners with residential and commercial storm damage repairs and restoration work throughout the Western United States. As a licensed roofing contractor, we provide quality workmanship, unrivaled customer service, and expert crews.

Rhino Roofing specializes in storm damage repairs and insurance restoration work due to hail, wind, water events. Rhino Roofing's expert crews quickly assess, repair, and rebuild your property after major storm events. We also excel at working with your insurance company to save you the hassle and help you get back on track.

Rhino Roofing expert inspectors and crews provide disaster response, tarping, comprehensive scope of work, damage assessment, and storm damage repairs. At Rhino Roofing, we turn any storm disaster into a successful restoration project. Call Rhino Roofing today for a FREE Inspection!

  • Free Inspection
  • Scope of Work
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Details Photos of Storm Damage
  • Storm Damage Documentation & Estimates
  • Insurance Company Coordination
  • Repairs and/or Replacement
  • Property Maintenance Programs

Rhino Roofing is one of the few contractors in the state of New Mexico to hold the following prestigious licenses: Carlisle Roofing, Firestone, GAF, Weatherbond, Duro-Last Roofing Systems, and Owens Corning Platinum Preferred. Rhino Roofing is proudly accredited with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau

Residential Storm Damage Repair Experts

Your home is your shelter, and we are committed to helping you protect it. Property damage from storms often goes undetected. This can lead to more hassle and more expensive problems down the road, including leaks, intrusions from critters, mold damage, increased water damage and roof deterioration when the next storm hits, and ultimately, loss of property value.

Don't hesitate! If you think you may have been damaged due to wind, water, or hail storm events, call Rhino Roofing for a Free 10-Point Property Inspection!

For over 20 years, Rhino Roofing has helped thousands of residential and commercial property owners throughout New Mexico with residential and commercial storm damage repairs, and assessments. If your property has been damaged by hail, wind, water, or severe weather, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to restore your property safely and efficiently.

Commercial Storm Damage Repair Experts

We know you're busy running your business. Rhino Roofing takes care of the maintenance and repairs.

Rhino Roofing helps numerous property management companies, businesses, and commercial operations, including retail, restaurants, homeowner's associations, get back on track after major storm events. With the dedicated crews and staff at Rhino Roofing, we help you back on track with minimal interruption to your business, clients, and tenants.

Rhino Roofing offers Free Inspections to commercial building owners throughout New Mexico. Our commercial construction team provides innovative solutions to quickly and efficiently assess the damage, restore your property, and get you the repairs you need, without any hassle

Rhino Roofing: Maintenance Programs

Rhino Roofing offers a property maintenance program to ensure years of satisfaction after your project is complete.
Call us at +1 (505) 242-1602 to learn more!

Storm Damage Restoration Experts

Hail Damage

It doesn't take much of a hail storm to damage properties, leaving serious damage! If hail damage is left undetected, it can lead to future leaks extensive water damage and also VOID the warranty and service life of your roof!

Contact us for a free inspection.

Wind Damage

Many property owners think it takes severe heavy winds, thunderstorms, or tornadoes to cause wind damage to your property. Even wind gusts of just 75-85 mph can cause major damage to your roofing and exteriors. Undetected wind damage to your roof structure can lead to increased water damage.

Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating and can lead to significant structural damage to your property. Our goal is to mitigate that from happening and provide services if it does. In the event of water damage, Rhino Roofing provides services to help you get your property restored quickly and efficiently. It is imperative to get a fully comprehensive assessment if you have water damage to avoid future leaks, mold growth, rotting carpets, and floorboards. Rhino Roofing expert crews assess the problem, provide a full scope of work for comprehensive repairs, and mitigate long-term problems.

Don't Delay: Get Your Roof & Property Inspected Today!

If you have experienced storm damage due to hail, water, or wind, call Rhino Roofing for a Free Inspection! Many property owners are unaware of the damage to their structures until it's too late. We use top-grade materials, provide expert workmanship, and detail all warranties. The Rhino Roofing team will help you with the insurance process at no cost to you!