Summer Roofing Care

When people think of seasons that can cause damage to the roof of their home, the first thing to come to mind is winter. Living in a climate with snow and rain in the winter months your roof can really take a beating. When the seasons change and summer comes around, it is unlikely that you are worried about your roof. However, the summer months can do its fair share of damage too. Knowing what to look for and how to best protect your roof can save you headaches and lots of money down the road. The team at Rhino Roofing wants to be sure you know how to care for and maintain your roof so that you can spend the summer the way it is meant to be BBQing and enjoying time with friends and family.

Knowing what to look out for and be aware of is an important first step in managing and maintaining your home’s roof.

Monitor Exposure

If your roof doesn’t have any tree cover or shade to guard it from the sun it can get really hot. When was the last time you were on your roof on a hot summer day? The dark colors of a typical roof absorb a great deal of heat making temperatures on your rooftop soar. These high temperatures can create a reaction and cause premature breakdown of the materials used in the construction of your roof. Check and see if your roof is showing signs of heat and weather exposure damage. Look for cracks around flashings and in shingles or between shingles and for loose or missing shingles.

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Regularly Check For UV Damage

Most of us use sunblock in the summer to protect against harmful UV rays. Those UV rays can do more than just damage your skin, they can wreak havoc on your roof too. Your roof is constantly feeling the burn from UV rays in the summer. Over time UV damage like this can accelerate the aging of your roof and increase decay. This intense energy causes the wood used in construction to weaken and crack. Look out for any shingles that are buckling or splitting, this can be an early sign of potential problems below.

Look Out For Heat Shock

Your roof reaches very high temperatures during the day and then quickly cools off in the evening when the sun has set. These extreme changes in temperature can cause roofing and construction materials to expand and contract at an above-average pace. Over time this can weaken the structural integrity of your roof. If you have a metal roof these expansions and shifts can cause separations and splits. Keep a keen eye out to see if there is unevenness or potential shifts in your roofing. Anything that looks a little odd or out of place is worth a trip on the roof to take a closer look and monitor more carefully.

Keep Fit For Summer: Inspect Inside And Out

We all know the drive to have a pool day body and get ourselves physically ready for a season that is spent playing outside and enjoying long sunny days. But remember, your roof needs to stay in good shape so that you can enjoy the summer and the other seasons to come. Ensure a healthy roof all year long by periodically peaking in inside your home’s attic. There you will be able to spot small leaks or other potential concerns.

Here at Rhino Roofing, we want to help you catch the small problems before they become big ones. Whether it is figuring out if you have enough ventilation or needing insight on repairing a bit of damage on your roof, our team is ready to help.